Born to a road tripper father (who had no idea that he was very, very cool) in Kerala of the 70s, turned me into a lover of travel. Sadly, the ‘TraveLust’ in me lay under wraps for many years, until 2012 when I re-discovered the joy of being on the road.

I am a funny sort of a traveller. Destinations choose me. I head off to places I feel a calling for, and I keep going back to them, over and over again, until I know every nook and cranny, every curve in the road and every thing about the locals.

Once is never enough for me and I end up exploring destinations year after year after year. I mean, every time I go to Goa, I head straight for Arambol. Been doing it for YEARS now! 😀

So ask me how many ‘countries’ I’ve visited and you’ll be surprised at the number – they’re so few! But ask me how many I’ve been to them, and you’ll be surprised!

Amongst my favourite countries is Bhutan – I’ve spent 6 years meandering in the Land of the Thunder Dragon and over 13 trips, I have gained many insights about the nation and made many, many friends there too!

And that, really, is Why I Travel.

To build relationships and memories that enrich my life – thats why I travel.

To become a better person – thats why I travel.

To know my space in this world, in the scheme of things, to know how insignificant some battles and struggles are, to know what to fight for, what to live for – thats why I travel.

I am excited to share all these with you all.

Happy reading! And as I always end my emails – Keep Travelling!